TT2 - Lighting

Tyne Tunnels 2



2020 - 2021





Minimum effort and maximum cost savings

We were awarded the Lighting control system replacement project at late 2019 by TT2. The project was to replace the original WRTL BSCOUT Scoutmaster system with our LUCE² Eco Lighting Control System to control the new LED lights installed by TT2.

The LUCE² Eco Lighting Control System is a dimmable control system designed to deliver the lighting levels required for ever changing conditions with minimum effort and maximum cost savings. The LUCE² Eco Lighting Control System has the ability to control all lighting configurations, such as LED, SON and Hybrid.  

LUCE² Eco is a PLC based solution, utilising Schneider redundant M580 PLC to ensure redundancy and mitigate problematic software based redundant solutions, along with a market leading SCADA package (Codra Panorama E²) as a front end interface.

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